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ItalianCar | July 24, 2024

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1968 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti: First Impressions

1968 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti: First Impressions
Pete Accini

We finally have it! After a long wait the stars finally aligned and the little Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sedan is finally part of the ItalianCar fleet. And was it worth the wait? You betcha!

We picked the car up from Automotion on Brisbane’s north side and picked our way through the lunchtime traffic getting used to the sounds and smells (I’d forgotten about the heady aroma of old Italian cars) of our new steed. The heavy steering, caused by the super grippy Toyo track day boots, dissipated as we gathered speed and I could start to enjoy the delicate poise of the 50 year suspension design. The occasional open stretch of road allowed me test the cars pulling power and I was impressed by its combination of willingness to rev and low end grunt – looking forward to exploiting that in the coming months.

Of course I graunched the gears before the gearbox had warmed up, I couldn’t breathe in the too-tight static belts and the wipers were next to useless during the shower of rain we received as we crossed the bridge heading south, but I was well and truly smitten. As familiarity and confidence grew the throttle was blipped on every down change, as I heel-and-toed through the back streets of Woollongabba and the soundtrack bouncing back off the walls and parked cars was like a serenade from a long lost lover.

Welcome back classic motoring, welcome back Alfa Romeo.




  1. Sam Dopson

    Great post. Looking forward to hearing more about the Giulia as your love affair continues.

    Keep up the good work ItalianCar

    • admin

      Hi Sam

      Thanks for commenting on the post. Updates coming soon


  2. Charlie Aiken

    My favorite car of all time. I’ll be following your reports – keep them coming.

    C A

    • admin

      Thanks for the comment Charlie.

      Glad to hear you are enjoying ItalianCar – new articles coming very soon!


  3. Steve Sorensen

    Hello Italian Car

    Just wanted to say what a great post this is. I have just returned to classic motoring myself (alfa 1750 gtv) and I felt the same way when I picked up the car.

    When’s the next post about the giulia coming?


    • admin

      Thanks Steve

      Glad you like ItalianCar. We’ll updating the ongoing Giulia story very soon.


  4. Stuart Stubbs

    Great stuff! Keep up the good work.