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ItalianCar | June 29, 2022

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5 Mito facts to know

5 Mito facts to know
Pete Accini

Alfa Romeo Australia have provided a useful reminder of the benefits of owning a luxury car, specifically the Mito.

When you’re considering a luxury car like an Alfa Romeo, there are likely many factors you’re considering. Admittedly, the first few thoughts might not be purely rational – it’s difficult to think you could buy an Alfa Romeo MiTo and stay totally calm and rational. It’s an Italian car with a racing heritage, for goodness sake!

So if your love of performance, iconic style and superior handling have gotten the best of your ability to consider the traits methodically, here are 5 facts to know before you buy an Alfa Romeo MiTo.

Buy Alfa Romeo Mito: Here Are 5 Mito Facts To Know

  1. 1.4 TB MultiAir 135 bhp ALFA TCT: When you buy Alfa Romeo MiTo, you are embracing the cutting edge of Alfa engines. Awarded the prestigious International New Engine of the Year award at the International Engine of the Year competition, this engine delivers better performance with lower fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions, and instant and dynamic fuel management systems.
  2. Alfa Romeo Twin Clutch Transmission (TCT): Buy Alfa Romeo MiTo and be stunned by the performance of the new ALFA TCT. A unique arrangement of parallel gearboxes, the ALFA TCT system allows the next gear to engage while the prior gear is still engaged. The result this creates is a much smoother transition between gears without loss of torque or traction between gears.
  3. Alfa Romeo DNA: Not a science experiment, Alfa Romeo DNA stands for the customised experience you have while driving an Alfa Romeo.  Dynamic, Normal, and All-Weather settings allow for custom handling no matter where the road takes you. Some owners describe the Alfa Romeo MiTo as being almost instinctive to the driver’s wishes in a multitude of road conditions, as it adjusts the MiTo’s engine, steering, and brakes depending on weather and terrain conditions.
  4. Start&Stop: Around town, the Alfa MiTo increases its petrol economy with use of the Start&Stop system, an intelligent design from the Alfa Romeo team. This system senses when the vehicle is stopped in traffic and it stops and starts the engine, which helps reduce petrol consumption and emissions.
  5. When you buy Alfa Romeo MiTo, you aren’t sacrificing safety on behalf of performance. Alfa MiTo has been awarded one of the most prestigious safety ratings in the industry, the 5-star Euro NCAP rating, and best in A-class for passive safety in the adult Euro NCAP ranking.

Source: Alfa Romeo Australia Blog