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ItalianCar | May 22, 2024

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About Us


Since 2001 ItalianCar has aimed to be the one-stop site for lovers of Italian made and designed vehicles in Australia. You be the judge of whether we’re hitting the marque (pun intended). Over the years we’ve had a lot of fun and learnt a huge amount about Italian cars, and managed to swing a few visits to La Bella Italia as well. Our aim is to provide a judicious mix of news and features on the current models, while dipping into the rich history of Italian car manufacturers from time to time. You may have noticed a new look – we’ve recently upgraded everything and we’re slowly dragging ourselves into the world of social media. Please cut us some slack as we transition a huge amount of content from the old site on to the new.

You may also notice we have moved back to being an Australian based site. Our other more international presence,, will continue, but as a separate entity.

Enjoy the site, and please get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you.


David Bateson – Publisher

David inherited a preference for Italian cars from his father – his first was a Lancia Beta HPE – which blew the socks off the Renault 5 he’d been driving around in until then.

A series of uncanny coincidences when choosing company cars (formula = fastest car for the money) led to ownership of an Alfa 33 16v – and then a Fiat Punto GT (turbocharged 1.4l).

He founded ItalianCar in 2001 after turning up in Australia from his native UK and felt pity for Australians who hadn’t seen a new Fiat in 20 years, let alone a Fiat Punto GT.


┬áPete Accini – Creative and Technical Director

avatar_4_118_118_graWith a surname like Accini you’d expect him to have a thing for Italian cars, but the name is a bit of a red herring as, like David, Pete is a pom. As a kid on the mean streets of London Pete developed a passion for all things automotive spurred on by a coach builder father who would regularly bring home unusual and exotic cars from the workshop to show his eager son. A Fiat 130 coupe, Lamborghini Espada and Jensen Interceptor particularly caught the lad’s attention.

Pete’s first car was a very rusty but endearing Lancia Fulvia and a steady stream of Italian minor-exotica has followed culminating in his recent purchase of a Alfa Giulia Ti.

Another great passion in Pete’s life is design, particularly web design. He heads up the Italian Car design and technical team.