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ItalianCar | April 25, 2024

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Alfa Romeo – Model List

Performance data generally refers to the highest specification model. Any errors/omissions entirely the responsibility of ItalianCar – corrections and further data for inclusion welcomed. Models not listed: prototypes / one-off models / low volume models / competition only cars.

 33 Model featured:1.7 IE 16V
 75 Model featured: 3.0i V6
 145 Model featured: 2.0 Twin Spark Cloverleaf
 146 Model featured: 2.0 Ti
 147 Model featured: 2.0 Twin Spark
 155 Model featured: 2.0 Twin Spark 16 V
 156 Model featured: 2.5 V6 24v
 159 Model featured: 2.5 V6 24v
 164 Model featured: V6 Cloverleaf
 166 Model featured: 3.0 V6 24v Sportronic
 1750 Model featured: Berlina
 1900 Model featured: Super Sprint
 2000 Model featured: Berlina
 24HP Model featured:
 2600 Model featured: Spider
 33 Coupe Stradale Model featured:33/2 Daytona
 6C 1750 Model featured:
 6C 2500 Model featured: Super Sport
 8C 2900 B Model featured:
 6 Model featured:2.5
 90 Model featured: Super 2.5i cat
 Alfasud Model featured:1.3Ti
 Alfetta (multiple models)
 Arna Model featured:1.5 TI
 Brera Model featured:
 G1 Model featured:
 Giulia (multiple models)
 Giulietta (multiple models)
 GT Model featured:
 GTV Model featured: 3.0 V6 24v Lusso 6 speed
 Montreal Model featured:
 RZ Model featured: SZ
 Spider (multiple models)
 Sprint Model featured:1.5 Green Cloverleaf
 SZ Model featured: