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ItalianCar | June 29, 2022

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Design Notes – 2014 Alfa Romeo Mito

Design Notes – 2014 Alfa Romeo Mito
Pete Accini

The Alfa Romeo Mito has recently undergone a midlife facelift and we thought it was about time we ran our rule over some of the unusual design features of this great little car.

The Mito owes a lot to the BMW Mini. Without the Mini trailblazing the path of the quirky, design focused premium small car Alfa would never had had the confidence to build such a quirky car. Before the Mini came along small cars were primarily focussed on efficiency and value for money. When you compare the Mito with a more mainstream small hatch such as a Ford Fiesta or VW Polo you can quickly see that it can’t compete from a practical point of view, and that’s just fine as it wasn’t designed to. Like the Mini the Mito is not a car you choose with your head, you need to be looking for something different.

So it follows that Alfa have gone to town with aspiration design features. There are rear lights that look super-exotic, clearly inspired by the 4C super car. The front grille uses the icon Alfa heart and the classic badge.

2014 Alfa Mito Design Notes

The interior continues the design focuses trend with a nod to the retro. Circular vents and instruments give the car the classic Alfa feel.

2014 Alfa Mito Design Notes 1