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ItalianCar | July 24, 2024

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Italian F1 Cars at the Australian Grand Prix. Worth A Bet?

The Italians are famous for many things- delicious food, great wine, incredible fashion, beautiful women, and of course- fast cars! From Ferrari (one of the best brands in the world, without a doubt!, Lamborghini, Maserati, and of course the good old Fiat. Their popularity is due to a winning combination of slick, Italian style, and an overwhelming hunger for speed. The results speak for themselves and today, the Italians are at the forefront of supercar design and build, creating some of the most incredible cars that you could ever imagine.

F1 Racing is the highest octane, intense, nail-biting, and thrilling sport on the planet- whether you are watching on TV or are lucky enough to attend the race, it is a once in a lifetime experience. If- like any true petrol head, you are always looking for that little bit more excitement, there is a way that you can get it. Placing bets on winners of F1 races is becoming increasingly popular and what better way to heighten the sensation of one of the most exhilarating sports around, than by placing a wager on the winner? If you fancy striking it lucky and becoming a winner yourself, we suggest you check out these recommended 2017 free bets that give Aussies the best round up of odds, free bets, and special offers when betting online!

What is the best thing to do with fast, beautiful cars? Race them of course! And when we think of car racing, we automatically think of F1. Formula One came to Australia back in 1985 and was orginally raced around the streets of Adelaide. By 1996, Melbourne had pipped Adelaide to the post and was the new home of the Australian Grand Prix. Since then, the race has become an integral part of the Australian racing calendar and brings fans and drivers from far and wide.

But how are the Italians doing? In the 2017 Grand Prix that was held on the 26th of March at Albert Park, Sebastian Vettel who was driving for Ferrari raced to first place with a time of 1:24:11.672 with an average speed of an impressive 215.408 mph. If we look back over the years, it seems that the Italians are fighting a battle for pole position with the British. Italian manufacturers have amassed a total of 13 wins since the Grand Prix began, whilst the British are steaming ahead with 39. Whilst this might seem like a huge difference, the Italian made cars are the only consistent competition that are snapping at their heels and whilst there is a long way to go, it does look promising.

A prime example is the fact that the winner of the 2017 Grand Prix was Ferraris win. The German born driver- one of the most successful drivers of all time, raced to the finish line and handed Ferrari their first win since the 2015 Singapore Grand Prix. Other successes for Italian cars in the race came in the shape of Kimi Raikkonen in Ferrari finishing in 4th place, and Carlos Sainz Jr and Daniil Kyvat for Toro Rosso in 8th and 9th position.

When it comes to Italian drivers, Antonio Giovinazzi was flying the Italian flag whilst driving for Sauber-Ferrari and coming in at 16th place overall with a time of 1:26.149.

Whilst the constant battle between the Italian supercars and the infamous Brits continues, it is hoped that this year’s Australian Grand Prix success could signal the beginning of something new for the Italian teams. With any luck, this could give them the motivational boost that they need to continue their winning streak and further propel them into the F1 hall of fame.