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ItalianCar | June 29, 2022

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ItalianCar Preview at Alfa Owners Club

ItalianCar Preview at Alfa Owners Club
Pete Accini

We were very pleased to accept the kind invitation from Cameron and Chris at Automotion to attend the recent Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Queensland club night to show off and to enjoy the company of very friendly Alfa Owners and some interesting cars.

Whenever we visit Automotion we’re always amazed at the collection of exotic, semi-exotic and downright bizarre machinery receiving Cameron and Chris specialist care, and the club night certainly didn’t disappoint. Inside the huge workshop were a range of Ferraris from a tiny 246 Dino to a wide-as-a-bus 360 spider. There was a stunning 1967 Maserati Ghibli that turns out to be the London Motor Show car and the very first right hand drive one – very special. Two Alfa Giulia Spiders and one drop-dead gorgeous coupe were squeezed in besides a Cameron’s own step front project and ItalianCar’s Giulia ti. And just to top it off a Corvair pickup truck lurked with real wheels displaying typical amounts of positive camber.

David and I were given the opportunity to give a presentation about and then wonder around answering questions and hearing some great tales of Alfa Romeo ownership. Everyone was very generous and encouraging and we look forward to getting great feedback, ideas and, hopefully, the odd article over the coming months.

So a big thanks to Cameron and Chris and all at Automotion and the folks at the Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Queensland for a very enjoyable evening – now where is that membership sign up form?