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ItalianCar | June 21, 2024

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New Fiat 124 Spider: We Can’t Wait

New Fiat 124 Spider: We Can’t Wait
Pete Accini

Rumour has it that FCA are planning to launch the new Fiat Spider at theĀ Los Angeles Auto Show in November. We all know that the car will be based on the latest generation MX5 roadster and will be made in Japan, but, quite frankly, that doesn’t phase us at all. The new baby Mazda sports car is getting rave reviews from all quarters and the thought of that chassis housing a sweet engine from the Fiat/Alfa stable – possibly the 4C’s turbo 4 cylinder mill – is truly mouth watering.

We haven’t seen official pictures yet but Italian car magĀ have produced what we think are very good renders. Check it out below and see what you think.

New Fiat 124 Spider AustraliaWe have also heard rumours that Fiat will introduce an Abarth version of the spider and possibly a back-to-basics, stripped down version.

Not to be outdone there is also a plan to re-introduce an Alfa Romeo spider to the line up. We think this is unlikely to based on the same platform as the MX5/124 and it is likely to be built in Italy