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ItalianCar | May 22, 2024

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New Addition To The ItalianCar Fleet: Fiat Freemont 7 Seater

November 18, 2015 |

We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve added a new vehicle to the ItalianCar fleet: The Fiat Freemont.

Over the coming months we will bring you an ongoing report on life with the new car. We’ve selected the 7 seater … Read More

Running Report: Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti

July 4, 2014 |

Classic car ownership is never dull. Whether it’s the ‘nice car mate’ comments that you get on every trip or the constant tinkering and tweaking, you are never bored and never complacent.

We’ve treated out little Alfa Giulia to a … Read More

1968 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti: First Impressions

July 15, 2013 |

We finally have it! After a long wait the stars finally aligned and the little Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sedan is finally part of the ItalianCar fleet. And was it worth the wait? You betcha!

We picked the car up … Read More

Italian cars – the affair continues

April 25, 2013 |

(see part 1 here)

Fast forward several years. The Lancia had bitten the dust and I was staring at an offer of employment letter that came with a company car. Even better the company did not specify the car or give me a shortlist – it was entirely up to me to choose the car I wanted. Read More

Alfa Romeo Giulia joins the stable

March 2, 2013 |

Well it had to happen, I can only last so long without a classic Italian car in the fleet. After many months spent trawling the net for a suitable jalopy I finally came up trumps and found a gem of a Giulia. Read More

Italian cars – when it all began.

February 8, 2013 |


Other kids had more interest. As a teenager I wasn’t really that interested in cars, well no more than the minimum necessary to hold a male teenage conversation. Obviously I was aware of Ferrari and Lamborghini, but Italian cars weren’t my first love. No, that was reserved for the Porsche 911 turbo. Read More