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ItalianCar | November 28, 2021

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Running Report: Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti

Running Report: Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti
Pete Accini

Classic car ownership is never dull. Whether it’s the ‘nice car mate’ comments that you get on every trip or the constant tinkering and tweaking, you are never bored and never complacent.

We’ve treated out little Alfa Giulia to a bit of love and affection lately – partly because we wanted to do and partly because we needed to.  The necessity arose from an interesting situation that occurred recently in a local petrol station. After filling up and returning to the car I found that the ignition key just turned and turned in the lock without connecting the starter motor. This was annoying but not too bad because the ignition was on so a quick jump start would see me on my way again – or so I thought! The friendly assistant came out and kindly gave me a push which started the Alfa up straightaway, the trouble was, the steering lock was still on so I could only drive straight forward or straight backwards! Fortunately I managed to find a spot to park without blocking too many people whereupon I set about dismantling the steering column cowl and removing the ignition lock. Once I completed this I just needed to hotwire the ignition to get going – ah, the benefits of a misspent youth.

When I got the car home I made good the connections and rigged up a temporary starter button.  So the car now sports a keyless ignition system with a push-button start – how very modern. While I was fiddling around in the steering column area I decided to finally fit the Nardi steering while I had knocking around. And I am very glad I did; the slightly larger diameter has improved the slow speed manoeuvrability of the car, making it more fun in traffic.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti with Nardi steering wheel

Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti with Nardi steering wheel – note the missing ignition lock.

In other news, the little Alfa has made a friend. A cute Fiat 500 Twin Air is now part of the ItalianCar fleet (more on that later) and an instant bond has been made.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti & Fiat 500 TwinAir

Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti & Fiat 500 TwinAir